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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Religious Amnesia - Harris Style

A while ago on Lateline Tony Jones asked Peter Harris the following:
TONY JONES: You are a prominent member of the Assemblies of God yourself, aren't you?

PETER HARRIS: I don't know if I'm a prominent member, I'm a member of the Assembly of God Church, but you know, Family First established itself to represent family values in Australia and that's how we promoted ourselves and obviously there were other representations throughout the campaign
Well according to the AOG Winter 2004 edition of NOW! magazine you are a very prominent member old son. Harris has his own spread on page 6 detailing his Christian Business Group - BGMI, and it's new program aimed at scizotypals, "Movers & Shakers" (sue him Wil). Scary power and cash grabbing aims of this program include:
"..a stream of unconditionally committed givers and influencers that will lead the next wave of Christian influence in the nation."
Brainwashed people acting as influencers?
"God is stirring the hearts of key people across the nation....He is equipping elite forces who are positioning themselves to influence entire communities and cities for Christ."
Elite forces, does that mean me and other lefties? Or has he managed to find the A-Team? (of course they would have to come up with an amusing ruse to get BA on the plane from LA). Could it be Sandline?
"This is about the future of a nation and influencing it with godly leaders who are passionate about becoming relevant and impacting upon mainstream society"
So get power, then make everyone in your image?
"This is our opportunity to equip ourselves for a time when Christian leaders will have unprecedented influence in our society"
How many more times is this guy going to say "influence". Mummy, I'm scared.
"I have a personal burden that we are to raise 100 Kingdom minded wealth builders and influencers across Australia over the next five years, people who unconditionally sow into their local church and become influencers for Christ at the gates of our cities"
Aha, is Harris alluding to cold hard cash being pumped into the church?
"Imagine a future generation . a Joshua or Daniel generation . that has been fast-tracked to reach their full potential and who will ensure there is a gush of supply to their local church and a capacity to become top level influencers in their secular pursuits to win a generation to Christ"
He sure is. We need rich zombies to give us more money. Oh yes, and influence - especially in "secular" pursuits, I wonder what he could be alluding to. This article was written before the election, so Harris wouldn't be the first one to forget his calling when asked by Antichrist Jones. But wait, there's more. On page 8, there's an exclusive interview with members of the Family First Party. Remember them? The party with no (legal) links to the Assemblies of God? Under the banner of "Families are First, says new political party" we have an article that makes Dorothy Dix look like a mad interrogator in a James Bond Movie. I won't bother reprinting the toss here, read it for yourselves. So if the AOG is not connected to Family First then why is it the only political party to get a mention in their rag. Oh, wait a second, silly me. On page nine there's a nice puff piece on Peter Costello and his visit to Darps favourite hideout "Hillsong".
"We need to return to faith and the values which have made our country strong." Federal Treasurer Peter Costello declared to the 22,000 strong crowd on the opening night of Hillsong Conference 2004.
For a fuller, and perhaps not such a one sided report look at this Lateline transcript for the full Costello Hillsong story. I thought I was stretching it a bit when I suggested that the FFP may be backed by the Liberals, now I'm not so sure.

Just to recap, in the Assemblies of God official newsletter we have the Chairman of the FFP (and BGMI) encouraging programs to gain "christian" influence in secular (political) pursuits, then we have an advert for the Family First Party. And he and others say there is no link? I can pull my own plonker thank you very much.

The rest of this mag contains "cool" stuff for kids and advertising. Perhaps the most surreal of the products on offer is "Mulga Bills Dinkum Aussie Guide to the Bible". Misogynist stories include:
  • If Noah had been an Aussie
  • Why did God create sheilas
  • Samson and delicious
And then the real kicker on the last page. A Smart Saver cash-management account administered by Australian Christian Services (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Assemblies of God). So now they can cream money off you even without the hassle of direct debit. See also my thoughts on why this is a danger. For the rest, have a look at the archives.
I can't wait for the Spring edition!

Fantastic. Expose the bastards for what they are. The AOG is an Antichrist.
Stuff their Family First! They want to take the Families money! They are liars! Keep away from Proserity gospellers and places like Killsong. (er...hellsong ... errrrrrrrr .... hillsong )and if you to hillsong LEAVE YOUR MONEY AT HOME!

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