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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sword prices soar

Simon Crean has joined John Faulkner on the backbenches. Somehow I don't think there will be the same plaudits as these in tomorrow's papers. By the way and I got an indication of how shite the NSW ALP factional system can be when to my amazement Faulkner was number 2 on the ticket. Being an anally retentive below the line voter allowed me to stick him at number one, where the then Leader of Opposition in the Senate should have bloody well been.

Meanwhile Janet Albrechtsen says, "Conservatism is cool." Thanks Janet, now go and finish the dishes love. Just in case you are a new reader here is my previous rant about the women's champion.

I've also noticed a sharp rise in the rice of daggers. It might be unrelated..

I did exactly the same thing with Faulkner below the line! I thought it was ridiculous that he should be number two to some no talent ass clown (relatively speaking, of course).
Ha! So did I!

I thought it was stupid factionalism to put Hutchins as #1.
Right on comrades. NSW ALP need a bloody good kick for that one. Who is this Hitchins geezer anyway?
According to Crikey:

NSW Senator, Federal President of the TWU 1995-98, Secretary of the TWU (NSW) 1993-99, Assistant Secretary of the TWU (NSW) 1989-93 and President of the NSW ALP 1998-02

ie ALP NSW Right
"Conservatism" is not, I repeat, NOT a word. It damns the speaker as certainly as if one had said "nu-cue-lar."

If one is going to refer to a phenomenon regarding something conservative, the word is "conservativism." The improper "word" is generally used by those who can't pronounce the real one.

Devine commits the same sin of ignorance and much, much worse: http://weezil0.blogspot.com/2004/10/riding-cotton-pony.html

She probably says "human beans" too.

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