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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sydney GroggBlogging '04

Shit name, as it implies it will only happen once a year whereas all other cities meet up all the time. That aside, it promises to be an interesting night with people from both sides of the 'sphere, good and evil. I hear that there are 300 people showing up so far, and since they're probably all young cool (although my wife reckons it'll be more like a Star Trek convention) whippersnappers I may turn up to add a grumpy old bastard element. For more details have a gander at Ausculture.

Now now...

In Perth we have a Blognite coming up. It's a once-only event, but it doesn't imply that we can't meet at other times. That's what Blog Meetup is for.

There's a Sydney blog meetup group that has monthly meetings, too.

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