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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Why all the sportsmanship?

Elections are not games of cricket or footy. They decide the future of the country, the cultural climate, the agenda for the future. Politically active people are usually passionate, they do what they do because they genuinely believe that their philosophy will make a positive difference, and the alternative will make a negative one. If after the results are in, we sit back and congratulate the opposition as if we have just lost a game of scrabble, then what were we advocating all along? Are we now saying that our principles would not have changed a thing? Yet the immediate reaction by the pollies, commentators and bloggers of the left is to to say "Well done Howard, well done Howard supporters you won the game". Bugger that. This is more than just a game. Pressure must be put on this administration from day one. No let up, no looking at the entrails. The opposition only has only July next year to be on message and be prepared to make the government accountable. Now that the Senate will be a mere rubber stamp the scrutiny that Senate debates and committees performs, and occasionally makes the headlines with, is gone. The opposition has to be stronger and more in your face than in the last 25 years. So stop the back slapping of the foe, the feeling of quitting, the crying, the relief at not being completely annihilated, and do your job.

I think you're overly pessimistic. I've had no shortage of bloggers and commenters tell me they're joining the ALP. People are talking about a new left-wing online magazine. Bloggers who intended only to blog for the duration of the campaign have announced they won't rest until the Coalition is dumped.

I'm going to keep my Mark Latham bumper stickers on the car, and wear my Lying Rodent t-shirt to uni tomorrow. We might have lost a campaign, but the Liberals are still evil bastards with evil policies, and I'm still going to tell people that.

We're ready to fight.
Well I did go overboard with optimism predicting an ALP majority of 11 (impossible given the even number of seats in the HoR), so allow me to get angry and pessimistic for a couple of days.
No. There's no time to waste.
That was the point in the post. You are trying to mess with my head Corr.
Yes. Yes, I am.

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