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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Contenders #2: Alexander Downer

Form: Alex first caught the public eye after Daddy Downer paid Enid Blyton to include him in her first book, "The Famous Six Go Mad at Communists". Needless to say, the book was a flop, but the cash injection allowed Blyton to continue a prosperous career, the first move of which was to cut Downer out of the next book. Downer then had a (yes paid for by Daddy) stint as Billy Bunter's sidekick, Alex Afoot. This too was short lived. A dark period then ensued during which pater enjoyed a career in politics. Then with a crash of thunder, and a bolt of lightening, Downer Jr landed a safe seat in Mayo. Then amazingly he bacame opposition leader whilst the forces of darkness were gathering. Having tasted a bite of the cherry of power, it would be a brave man who would write off Downer's chance of regaining the lead. An entirely plausible scenario would be for Howard to resign and have a farewell party during which a freak flash flood would wipe the entire coalition away. Downer would not be present as he would read the map upside down and get lost. Bless him.
Aims: Lashings of ginger ale all round.
Insider guide: Glue factory.

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