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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Family First on abortion

A couple of days ago on AM there was a bit of a hoo-ha over an ex-Liberal MP being dumped from preselection as a Family First candidate. Sweetman alleges that he was shafted because he voted to decriminalise abortion in WA in 1998. Anyway I couldn't really give a stuff about the scandal of a Liberal not getting another go at the trough. What was interesting was when Peter Harris (not a prominent member of the Assemblies of God, honest) was asked whether the FFP can show it is not a right wing pro life christian party. The reply:
PETER HARRIS: What we have said is, that we fundamentally believe that it's a role of the medical profession to uphold and protect and enhance human life, and on that basis we are opposed to abortion. But we've also said equally that we recognise the will of the public that there isn't this desire to change abortion law.
Nothing about God or morals, just the idea that the medical profession is there to enhance human life. So I suppose you don't object to doctors giving family planning advice involving barrier contraception Peter? Or allowing IVF treatment for lesbians?

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