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Sunday, November 07, 2004

The first of many rucks

For the first time in a long time The Insiders on Sunday discarded its shroud of sensible opinion and got personal. The topic? As Paul Kelly put it abortion, gays and guns. This weeks resident of the arsehole chair was Andrew Bolt, and true to form he described the war in Iraq as a choice between Good and Evil. Mike Seccombe did his level best to stop getting flustered, and nearly held it together with one glass of water. He even managed to ask Family Firsts Senator-elect Steve Fielding a good question:
MIKE SECCOMBE: Do you accept as part of the cause of reducing the number of abortions that it's possibly necessary to improve access to contraception and to give children better - or young people - better instruction in its use?
To which the answer was:
STEVE FIELDING: Look, I think that that is another issue and you can look at the causes of these things. You are never going to eliminate all the causes. So you could cover the abortion issue in itself and also then look at, OK, what is the appropriate education beforehand, but I think the issue on the table at the moment is the abortion issue.
So the same as fucking usual, the right are preaching to cut down abortions without educating people on how to use contraception. How, well just for fun force women to see an ultrasound before an abortion, and only allow abortions for who can afford to have the procedure done privately. And to top off a real bash of a program Misha Schubert had a nice dig at the love in between Bolt and Airey-Branson. If you are unaware of the M A-B story have a look here and here.

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