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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Flight DJ840: Masterplan Hatched

Nothing on the obliquely sexist front to report on Virgin Blue this time. However I am incubating a fiendish plot to overthrow the right. Through my various incarnations as student, friend and overlord, I have come into contact with various "brains" that will serve my purpose. Unfortunately academics are all too preoccupied with their ivory towers and confusing papers to even recognise that anyone else with complimentary skills exist. Hencehitherforthto, my diabolical scheme to act as a boundary spanner to get these people together. My leverage, well let's just say that according to uberMinister Brendan Nelson, your days are numbered. So far, I have three names on my list who have absolutely bugger all knowledge of each other and no idea of my scheme, but are foremost in their various fields (without giving too much away: social capital and globalisation, workers rights and kelpies, womens rights and economics). They also live in Sydney so my ambitions are a bit limited at the moment. Perhaps readers elsewhere in this fair country can do the same. I aim to add a further two to this list and add thinkers are not academic per se (including of course myself). So I suppose that means another four, plus two or sumfink. Maybe I haven't thought this through enough. But fear not, when I get around to it the right will quake.

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