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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Flight DJ848: The New Intangibles

A bit like The Intangibles only made years later and not half as good - but more of that later. Nowt buggered about this flight, but I do have a bone to pick with Amex. I am fed up with cretins approaching me, or calling me over in the airport terminal only to proffer me a fucking credit card. You are the most annoying bastards on this planet. When I am at the airport, I am catching a plane, not signing up for god damn finance. I strung one along today. When I pointed out that I pay my card off every month so I don't give a shit what the interest rate is, and my current fees were lower, the arsewipe Amex ho said, "But this card is sexier". Which brings me on to my main whinge of the piece (apart from the bewilderment at how to shag a credit card). It has long been a criticism of the left that their ideals are all touchy feely, with no economic or hard "science" benefits. How does fairness and equality benefit the masses in cold monetary sense? These ideals are what I would call The Intangibles. Benefits to a way of life that cannot be costed. However, it is quite easy to show that economics based on leftist principles rather than out and out capitalism does provide gains for the whole not just the few. Just when the left starts getting its arse into gear though, the right ups the ante. No longer is it enough to show that concrete benefit is possible, we now have to justify our philosophy in terms of "values". Now how bullshitty is that? We invented values you tossers. You are the lot that somehow insist that buying a material good like a mobile telephone is not just a way of saying, "I'm on the bus" to someone when you're on a bus, its a fucking lifestyle. Because, I mean, like, whatever, you can change the ringtone and skin and shit. Society is now governed by these crappy New Intanglibles that make absolutley no economic sense whatsoever. Isn't it great? Marketing has niched us all and slapped a dollar on everything. But the dollar includes not just form and function, but arse crappery "lifestyle" shit that really does not mean anything REALLY to your life whatsoever. Now we have to battle that buggeration, plus the idea of "values" being restricted to restricting free thought and actions. "Values" means do what we say my friends. Which makes me think that although the left is down, perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel is near. Whereas we have striven to show that our values can benefit society (yes in monetary terms), the right has realised that their way of thinking has stuffed up. To prevent people realise that they are being screwed over, to hide the fact that only the few benefit from the right's principles, they are relying on The New Intangibles. The ideals of self as opposed the the ideals of all. Let us hope, as the commentators are saying at the moment, the people truly are not dumb and will wake up to the "sexier" truth.

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