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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Playing Politics and other snippets.

Surprise, surprise, John Howard says there is no need for a Senate enquiry into the Windsor bribe allegation. He said:
"It would be a complete abuse of the processes of the Senate, it would be complete politicisation of the processes of the Senate."
How many more times are we going to hear variations on the themes of "playing politics" or "politicisation"? That is their job. They are called politicians for God's sake. It's not a scadal that a greengrocer sells fruit and veg, or a librarian resorts to "putting books on the shelves according to the Dewey decimal system". But oh no, tish tish, a politician playing politics, that's a big taboo. What else are they going to do? What else would we call them if they stopped the games?

Sad News

Just after Sheil packed up his Backpages (thanks to Chris for being the first to blogroll the Daily Flute), Gummo Trotsky has said goodbye to the Tugboat Potemkin. As Boynton has done, I'll leave him on the blogroll as it's one of the best blogs to go trawling through the archives of, if you're at a loose end. Greatest hits are highlighted on Sedgwicks page.

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