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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Post Election Bananas

Right thats it, I bloody well give up. The left has lost its marbles once and for all. The proof is in the usually reliable Alan Ramsey's column in todays SMH. Instead of bagging Howard and his cronies, he come out with a load of old baba about the Senate. But as far as losing the plot goes, you can't beat the ALP with its insistent rhetoric on "getting closer to businesses". Forgive me for ever so slightly kicking the cat, but didn't the ALP lose because Howard has taken the workers away from the ALP. Well at the very least he won because he got more voters than the ALP. So how will pandering to around 200,000 people going to win the 2007 election? It bloody wont, that's how. Howard must be pissing himself laughing at the moment. Even with his evil IR laws to be passed through the newly unconstipated Senate, he has managed to wedge the ALP into possibly getting them through early. Opposing (not necessarily blocking) these laws is the one chance the ALP has got of getting back the roots of its movement. I have no qualm with passing the laws now so that they have a good run before the next election, but you don't come out and agree with them under the banner of "getting closer to business". If the ALP change their stance on this they will lose far more than they will gain.

Update: Thank fuck for that.

Thankfully there is a balance on the marble shortage. This morning on AM, Tony Abbott completely lost the plot. His faithful underling and most annoying little tit in the Southern Hemisphere Chris Pyne is "opening the debate about abortion". Apparently there is now a "public debate" about funding and timing of the "abortion epidemic". Where the are these public debates that I keep missing out on? I have taken to hiding in a bush at the local village green on the off chance of bumping into one (there rests the case for the defence). Anyway the story goes: Said lackey floats story on abortion funding and timing, Minister says "there is a public debate and we'll see where that goes", Minister does not confirm or deny that there is a change in government policy, Minister is asked whether he has talked to Howard about this, Minister shuts the fuck up. That's right, there was a hell of a lot of stony dead silence as Abbott just clammed up.
MATT BROWN: What's the Prime Minister's view on this? Have you spoken to him about it?
TONY ABBOTT: I have lots of conversations with the PM on lots of subjects.
MATT BROWN: Has this been a subject, this important issue, an issue in which you're trying to build a constituency for change?
TONY ABBOTT: Matt, I don't ask you about conversations which you have with your colleagues and you will kindly return the compliment.
MATT BROWN: Is it too sensitive an issue for you?
TONY ABBOTT: (pause)
MATT BROWN: Minister?
Minister, is there any work being done in your portfolio, in your department, to examine this issue of abortion?
TONY ABBOTT: (silence)
Not a peep, not a drop of vitriol. Just the sound of a marble dropping onto asphalt.

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