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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sydney GrogBlog: Let the karma flow

I am a tad shellshocked at having to return to normal this week. Following on from the fantastic Melbourne meetup (excellently depicted by the G-G) it all kicked off again on Friday night. I first met up with Georg and Darkie from Psephite under the big telly at the Clock hotel after a bit of phone tag. Georg insisted on buying my a beer to which I acquiesed with a modest fight, and unlike your usual run of the mill hetero woman, she went to the bar instead of getting me to queue up. Legend. A bit of post election blues were quelled by a couple of beers, but it obvious that this was not going to be like a boring works do. Here was a bunch of people you knew enough to not have to rely on talking about the weather. It then starts to get a bit blurry very quickly from a combination of grog and the load music that really stuffed up any polite small talk. Next cab of the rank was the instigator of this melee, Darp and his shocking Pandagate t-shirt. He was a bit more mullety than I imagined, but without doubt the cool dude of the night. More beer and time for Suki and her opinions. In fact there were a few beers and Suki's opinions before meeting Weezil. Then a quick beer and a hoy to co-instigator Jess before a beer and the oddly monikered Fulmination Dave. I think I had a beer with Dave before the other Dave from Completely Biased showed his face. He was a lot less feral than I expected but of course a top bloke. Even the RWDB TimT from Will Type for Food seemed like a decent chap, so much good karma was abounding in the room. I ended up bending the ear of many people, with some of whom I could blare out a bit of Puccini whilst sinking some absynthe, others (mainly from Thursday) quaff a bottle of port in the drawing room, and others tap a keg of beer at a barbie (and one or two sup a lemon squash).

Thankyou to Darp, Jess, Georg, Darkie, Suki, Weezil, Dave, Dave, Tim for a great night. I can't put into words how wonderful it was to meet you all, and I hope it is not forever before I can shout in your ear to the gentle dumph-dumph sounds of technopop. And so now it's Monday, the love is spent and I can feel a whinge coming on before long....

Update: I nearly forgot I bored the Catallaxy bloke rigid for about half an hour too.

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