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Monday, November 08, 2004

Where are the wimmin?

I ask this because there seems to be a perception that equality is here and the battle for equal rights has been won. If that is the case then why:
  • In 1966 there were 32% of women in full time work, in 1999 this had risen to a startling 34% (Bob Gregory, ANU)
  • Women hold 72% of part time jobs (ABS)
  • The public debate on abortion is being held by men, who disavow any responsibilty in the whole pregnancy thing, and quite frankly can never know more than fuck all about the decision that women make
  • Men shit themselves about the masculinity crisis being "caused" by too many female teachers
  • Men get very defensive when talking about sexism
  • There are 60 female members of federal parliament, 164 men
  • Breast feeding is still taboo in public places
  • Overall, women earn an average of 67% of male wages. If you exclude part time work this rises to just 81% (ACTU)
  • In Australia only 1.3% of executive directors are women (Lawlink)
  • Scantily clad females and subliminal promises of blow jobs are still used in advertising
  • Women have to wear makeup to accentuate the "on heat" and dripping wet lip look, men don't
  • Women have to dye their hair to stop it turning grey, men don't
  • 28% of women have experience sexual harrassment in the workplace (The Age)
  • Presenters on quiz shows are men, side dressings are women
  • Breast implants exist (I don't mean reconstructions).
  • Films are quite comfortable portraying affairs between crusty old men and young girly types, not old grannies and football players.
  • There are adverts on the TV to tell blokes to stop hitting their partners...
  • ...Because 23% of women who have been in a de facto or married relationship have experienced violence.(APH)
  • The Christian right espouses "values" that include maintaining a woman's role in the home
  • In fact most forms of religion demote women to a purely breeding second class role
There is a majority in this country that are treated on the whole like shit. Men still exercise a highly disproportionate amount of power over women. Where is their voice? Is it inactive or is it being surpressed by the male dominated media. We have seen "documentaries" on Bush, fast food and Fox. How about one on the real scandal of today's society? Anybody interested?

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