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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Why now for the debate?

The coalition has been in power for 8.5 years. But now is the time for an abortion debate. The statistics show that the abortion rate is declining, so why was this issue not on the agenda last year? Did the muppets involved (Abbott, Pyne and Ando) have different morals back then? This is a matter of deep principle for most, not just choosing what sort of lollies to buy from the confectionary store so I doubt that. I just fail to see how when the abortion situation was "worse" last year they kept shtum, but now they are blowing hard on Gabriels trumpet. Politics is always a deal making exercise, and quite often some principles get sacrificed. How can these moralisers claim to be principled beings when they have done bugger all for eight years. Where were the private members bills in 2003, or for that matter 1996? The only conclusion for the finding of the light can be the friendly Senate since the great Australian public voted NO for regime change last month. Add to the mix a significant increase in the voting rate by and for the Christian right and now its OK to raise the issue of abortion. Because bugger me mate, if we'd have talked about it last year we'd have been slaughtered, and we can't have that. The greater good and all that. Hypocrites.

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