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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The bucket overfloweth

After some tummy trouble caused by Devine's glowing appraisal of The Great Costello's wit, my road to recovery has been hampered by Albrechtsen in todays ex-Australian. Never let it be said that a woman can't be sexist. The story begins in a typical fashion with la Janet claiming that feminism is obsolote. What is the proof of this? Well....
"She [Anne Summers] also accused John Howard of downgrading the Office of Status of Women. The PM should plead guilty to the last two charges. And then point out both moves are causes for celebration, not tears. Women have not been dumped. Instead, the gains made by women, their improved status, suggests that a separate office founded upon feminist ideology is now obsolete. "
I see! So removing any potential solution to a problem, removes the problem itself. Hopefully we can look forward to a few pesky hospital closures to get Australia fit again.
Women hold 33 per cent of Australian government board spots, well beyond the 8.6 per cent of seats they had on Australia's top 200 listed companies as at June 2003.
I can understand figures of 50% being a cause for celebration, but one third and one twelfth is barely enough to crack open a can of fizzy pop.
Similarly, while the Howard Government has appointed 23 women to federal courts across Australia, or more than 28 per cent
Again, 72% male appointments does not make happy reading. On the quota point:
When you appoint a woman on sex, not talent, you risk appointing the talentless -- or at least promoting that perception.
You risk appointing the talentless regardless of sex. Especially in journalism.
There is a new feminism afoot for many young women.
A bit like this methinks.
One that does not depend upon the paraphernalia of a passe feminism.
Paraphernalia of passe feminism. Albrechtsen constantly argues that feminists stereotype women, by stereotyping feminists. I'll tell my wife to put her paraphernalia on eBay, we might get a bob or two.
One that says let's be truly adventurous and abolish separate bodies devoted to women because they only perpetuate an otherness about women and the issues that affect them.
Perpertuates otherness amongst whom? Women? No. Men of course, and we can't piss them off can we?
Indeed, so-called progressive movements founded on fine notions of freedom and choice have a nasty tendency to transmute into the dictatorial and doctrinaire. Feminism, or at least the version that feminists such as Summers cling to, is case in point. They talk about liberating women but continue to deride or ignore women who choose to stay at home and care for children.
No, they deride the system that gives women little choice but to stay at home and be a housewife. They deride religious beliefs that say that a woman staying at home is a sign of "moral fibre". And they probably deride you for perpetuating a myth that women are now equal. Feminism is about equality of choice for both genders, fulfilling your potential according to your ability. Blokes can stay at home or work, women can too. A wonderful world. No masculinity crisis, no discrimination at work, it all sounds good. More choices for everyone, a more productive, happier nation. [cue gramophone record of Land of Hope and Glory]
Feminism's choice deficit has always been its greatest flaw.
[sound of gramophone needle scratching across old 78]. Huh?

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