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Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Contenders #3: Dr Brendan Nelson

Form: Having thankfully been cured of an earring, Dr Nelson has gone about his business of reducing education funding effectiveness with the same one-eyed determination showed by his legendary sea-faring namesake. Major acheivements include: The Nelson Rifle Range at Kings, The Nelson Performing Arts Centre at Pymble and dumb as you like uni places for all who have the required wedge. An expert on phonics and flash cards, the Doctor sure knows how to get Australia reeding agen. When Nelson manages to get his patented twoshortplanx serum into the Liberal party room port supply without the pine aftertaste, there will be no doubt that he will be a contender for the top job.
Aims: Pay first, questions later. Pay more, get some answers. Provided you're not doing arts.
Insiders form: Former stud, turned gelding. 5000-1.

PS: My first attempt at the picture was a bit Abu-Ghraib, hence B1 in the hotseat.

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