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Monday, December 06, 2004

Non ratings season presents guest post - Ben Craddick

I was talking to an old mate of mine, Alf Thompson, the former forward for the Brewarrina Maulers, who was on a trip down to the smoke to look at some waterfront property. It was a nice day, with a bit of a nip in the air so we warmed our cockles at the Cliche Arms Hotel. Well Alf had not much luck finding his dream retirement home, and let's face it how could he with all these bloody yuppies buying up houses like there's no tomorrow. It's a sad state of affairs when an old digger like Alf is faced with selling his 5 townhouse developments just to enjoy a bit of sea air in his twilight years. If the government did something useful with it's money instead of forking out cash left right and centre for every do-gooder and ponce that walks on God's earth maybe we could reward people for what they put in to this country. For a start when are they going to give Medicare the boot? My old man never had Medicare and even though he smoked 6,000 durries a day, lived till he was 98. Menzies would never have allowed such a waste of the great Australian taxpayer's hard earned money. He would have told the sick to bugger off and get some exercise, and come back when they're of some use, like the battlers who built this nation. Battlers like Alf, who now thanks to the me-generation has to let his hourglass run out of sand nowhere near the beach.

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