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Monday, April 26, 2004

I'm Not Free Mr Howard

Bugger the poofs says Howard. Now the sight of two blokes kissing makes me puke. Queer Eye gives me the shits. But, if two old queens or dykes want to get married, I don't see how society will crumble into a miasmer of putrid decay. As usual, this is a political question of good versus EVIL. How the heck did this image that marriage is a millenia old bedrock of civilization between a man and a woman get a decent airing? For the last few hundred years until fairly recent times, it has been a device to sort out, "who owns the bird?". Nowt there about love I'm afraid.

Troops Used as Politcal Publicity Pawns Again

One word for it, political opportunism being others. There seems to be a few things that are sacrosanct, one of which is the military. The opposition wouldn't dream of slamming Howard for cynically getting a cheap photo op and taking the agenda on Anzac Day, because our boys and girls are on the front line etc blah. This same nervousness was one of the contributing factors to the Democrats losing the 2000 election. Barrowloads of unendorsed "votes" from overseas servicemen were counted, and surprise, surprise, they were mainly for the Republican party. As soon as the Democrats tried saying, "hang on that vote has no date on it", or "does m mouse really serve on the SS McShip", the Republicans hoo-harred with, "These Democrats want to stop our boys from voting. They're there risking their lives etc" blah blah blah. So come on Rudd or the shadow minister of defence wassisname, bag out Howard for being an evil dickhead, willing to use our soldiers for his own popularity. It could be a long wait.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Latham copies homework

This is such a weak attack, the Libs must be as desperate as bollocks. Let's have a look at some other plagarisms, this time by His Shortness. "a fair day's pay for a fair day's work" - John Howard 21/4/04 "fair day's pay for a fair day's work" - Scotland Office 27/2/01 "The first of those is that the earlier that can intervene in a child's life to protect it from adverse circumstances that is going to effect his or her upbringing, the better not only for that child's personal future and wellbeing but also for the wellbeing of society" John Howard 8/4/04 "The fate of the flourishing of life on earth is closely linked with the kind of upbringing we provide for our children in terms of sound environment and decent education as they constitute the major hope for humanity at large." DR. ABDELOUAHED BELKEZIZ SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE ORGANIZATION OF THE ISLAMIC CONFERENCE 8/5/02 So is John Howard a militant Scottish Muslim? Questions need to be answered Mr H!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

And so the first inauspicious post for the Daily Flute. I created a webpage of the same name some years ago, but only could be bothered to do one issue. It's here and it's only claim to fame is that I hinted that Steve Bracks might beat Jeff Kennett in the unwinnable election. Anyway enough old bollocks, let's see what's happenin' in da hood. Howard Strikes Up The Band Like the prat hasn't let slip his intentions during the Australia India test match by saying he probably couldn't make a trip to India for the return series as he "might be busy at the time". Still, bring it on and for your sake I hope people have forgotten: The Tampa The children overboard The Bill Heffeerrunun vendetta Reithy's phone card Hollingsworth The WMDs Being a grumpy bastard at the rugby world cup final (no votes giving a cup to the Poms are there?) See, even I have forgotten the litany of evil-doings from His Shortness. Hopefully old Costello will make his charge sooner rather than later because of the threat of Lord Turnbull upsetting the apple cart. Anyway I can't be expected to expose my entire ideological stance in one go, but I'm sure you get the gist by now. Latham Announces Lolly Fund Don't give me any crap about any tax cut from His Shortness being a good thing. He has shifted the brackets just twice, once for the regressive GST, once for a couple of cans of fizzy pop. So it's about time Mr H. Will Latho take the carrot and match it, or do something wacky like put a bit of wongaloo into education? My predictions for Costello's splurge are: More money for churchy Christian type things More money for tanks and pop guns A major initiative to talk about the aging population A really big thing that will mean $2.50 a week to a certain sector of the community (a la baby bonus) Tax cuts And more tax cuts In essence, bugger all to create a better society.

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