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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Budget Bollocks

Grattan speaks...   Well what about that budget then? Bollocks or what? Come and get your pissy one off payment oh people of the chosen demographic. Be amazed, oh middle to high income earners at the LAW tax cuts on offering. And what about the little deaf kiddies! With so much money to blow why didn't he do the thing that at a stroke would solve the aging population crisis (although when the baby boomers get "flushed through" the system there will be no problem) - EDUCATION! Make it free for people to study what they want! Easy! But no, let's give new mums a $3000 bung. How about 20 paid weeks of parental leave Petey? Note that I say parental leave rather than maternity leave.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

If only Tim Webster...

I bumped into this website via a circuitous bit of surfing. This has got to be one of the most unusual biogs around. I was in England when this happened and it was the equivalent of Bruce flipping his lid.

That lot are just animals aren't they?

Then and Now. The recent humilation photographs from Iraq show that people generally behave similarly to other people given the same circumstances. The Iraqi regime was slammed (rightly) for using torture, but now with only a tenancy of just over a year, the Americans and possibly the British are behaving in a similar fashion. The question I would like answered is: "Why the bloody hell is Australia involved in this war?" Answers on a postcard to The Daily Flute.

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