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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Warning - Fundamentalist Christians on the Rampage

Today Meg Lees announced she was disappointed that the Libs are directing their preferences to the innocuous sounding Family First party.  If you take a gander at the FF website or listened to AM this morning then you may be forgiven for hearing a cock crow three times.  Depsite the lack of religious references on their homepage, the backbone of this party are from the Christian Right.  Here are a few of the staffers and their roles in the community:

Peter Harris Party Chairman: Adelaide businessman and prominent member of the Paradise Community Church.

Chris Baker Treasurer:  Prolifer.  Read some thoughts on a fellow thinker here

Andrew Evans Board Member:  Not a great believer in the separation of church and state (parliamentary debate on licensing laws).  Former president of the Pentecostal Christian group Assemblies of God

Andrea Mason Board Member: Also a prominent member of the PCC.

Also read the Festival of Light's easy guide to the 2004 election to fill in the gaps. 

So what is the problem with this?  Even though these are people who have no distinction between church and state, they have joined the grasp for power by hiding their roots.  They are not your normal garden variety Christian (you know turn the other cheek, let he who is without sin cast the first stone sort etc).  Not only do they believe that they are right, but anyone who does not agree with them or their teachings, will burn in hell for eternity.  This is not a good start for open and intelligent debate.  Like all religions gone bad, they are totally blinkered to any point of view that disagrees with their own.  They want to make you live the way they think you should live.  There is no compromise.  Is it really any wonder that Howard has passed preferences to FF rather than his GST buddy Lees?


I just called FF with an offer to hand out their leaflets at my local Mosque (I'm really atheist).  They said they don't need help in that area and hung up.

Well I didn't need to go past the following link to make up my mind about these guys.
Moralistic luddies. :)

- Factory
Crikey, that will work! But we shouldn't stop at filtering porno, what about all the other evil influences out there. Burn ze books, all of them.
I've just posted some info about Family First - and at least one candidates feelings towards Muslims (he loves them - in the "Christian" sense) - over on the Completely Biased blog. Thought you and your readers might be interested.

The Whore of Zogylon.

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